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Why Need Unique and creative Logo for Business?

A logo is not just a mere image Logo is the face of your brand. When User visits your site and the first experience is site design and logo design because of the site design and logo describe your services. When it comes to representing your brand on the global platform or bagging success and attention of the potential clients a simple yet catchy and delivering LOGO can always do the trick. Well, a Logo is not just a mere image but is a lot more than those colors, fancy fonts and graphics, it’s a visual identity of a brand. The process of creating a logo involves critical thinking, methodological planning, and a rough sketch or idea. A brand with a great and Creative logo is more likely to grab attention and are quick enough to become a hit in the market as compared to its competition. The biggest and the most famous global brands are still recognized by their Logo instead of their brand name. A creative logo depicts professionalism. It helps in bagging the trust of the client. A professional logo is the one which is creative, unique and conveys the brand’s essence and aims efficiently to the audience. So make sure to have the best and the most unique logo designed for your brand. A logo helps to understand what exactly you do, who you are and what you value.

Ruth Kedar

Best Logo Designer in Ruth Kedar

She was born in Brazil, earned a degree in architecture in Israel, and earned a Master’s in graphic design from Stanford University. Ruth is that person, who designed the Google logo. Ruth is an artist and designer, best known for designing. She is no ordinary logo designer, and the logo she created for the tech behemoth Google is no ordinary logo.

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Paul Rand

Paul Rand logo Designer

The list of famous logos that designer Paul Rand has created certainly ranks as one of the most impressive that you will find. Known as one of the founders of the Swiss style of graphic design, Paul Rand is the man behind world-famous logos such as the IBM logo, the UPS logo, the ABC logo, the Yale University Press logo, and many more. Paul Rand was born 15 August 1914, Brooklyn, New York, United States. Rand was a professor emeritus of graphic design at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he taught from 1956 to 1969, and from 1974 to 1985. He was inducted into the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1972.

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Carolyn Davidson

Sport Logo Design

There are only a handful of companies in the world that are known more by their logo than they are the company name itself, and Nike is one of them. The designer behind the world-famous Nike swoosh is Carolyn Davidson. Davidson actually designed the Nike logo in 1971 while she was still a student at Portland State University. Afterward, she went on to continue working with Nike until 1983 and retired from her design career in 2000.

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Rob Janoff

Apple Logo Designs

No list of iconic logos is complete without mentioning the Apple logo, and Rob Janoff is the designer behind it. In one interview, Janoff described how the iconic bite out of the apple logo was meant to signify a “byte” of information as well as convey the idea that Apple products are as tempting as the apple in the Garden of Eden. In addition to designing Apple’s logo, Janoff has also done design work for IBM and Intel. However, it will most likely be his work on the iconic Apple logo that will always be his biggest claim to fame.

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Erik Nitsche

A Logo designs
In 1955, designer Erik Nitsche was handed an incredibly difficult task. At the time, defense contractor General Dynamics wanted to change its brand image from a company that created weapons of war to a company that created technology that helped move humanity forward. Nitsche was tasked with creating a series of logos and posters to accomplish this task. In spite of the fact that much of what General Dynamics was working on was top-secret at the time, Nitsche was still able to perfectly convey the company’s new approach using a series of brilliantly designed, abstract creations. His designs would go on to help represent General Dynamics at the “Atoms for Peace” conference and forever shift the General Dynamics brand image.

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